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How does one pay for a paper found on this website?
Russian-History.Com accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Western Union Quick Collect, Checks and Money Orders! In short, there exists at least one easy payment option available for EVERYONE who needs help with their paper(s)! Be sure to check out our order forms for complete instructions regarding each method offered!

Is it possible to preview one of these papers?
Of course! Prospective customers can preview one page from ANY of our Russian history papers before entering their order! Just e-mail us the file name(s) of the particular paper(s) you're interested in and we'll send you a free portion from that/those same paper(s) within just a few hours!!!

How can I contact the company?
E-mail, fax, or telephone! General queries via e-mail can be sent to customerinfo@russian-history.com. Faxes are received at 1-240-220-8961 and telephone calls are answered at 1-800-90-WRITE and/or 1-609-518-7811.  Orders for existing papers are placed solely via our websites and specific questions about the content of documents found here must be sent to us via email for careful review. General questions about our company and/or its services may be submitted via telephone or fax.

Can I order more than one paper?
You can order as many papers you like! As soon as your first order goes through, click the <BACK (or "<PREVIOUS") button on your web browser to enter the second paper's title and file name! E-mail us if you need any additional assistance!

Can I order from outside of the United States?
Yes you can! Russian-History.com sells papers to customers around the world via the Internet! The same three options for delivery are available to ANY of our customers from ANYWHERE on Earth: Email, fax, or Federal Express - it's your choice!!!

Do you offer papers in any languages other than English? 
Our order form provides the option for requesting translations of our papers into your choice of rough Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, or Italian!

Can I get a refund if I don't like the paper? 
Unfortunately, no. Russian-History.com maintains a strict no refund/no cancellation policy in accordance with Paper Store rules BUT does allow all prospective customers to preview any of our papers before ordering! That way, you can see an actual excerpt from the paper you're considering before you actually buy it! Remember: research papers of this genre are not tangible items...In other words, they are not products that can be re-stocked or re-shelved. Once we send a paper... there simply exists no way to take it back. By asking for a FREE excerpt before ordering, customers can ensure their own satisfaction! 

Am I entitled to use ideas from your paper?
Only if you cite our company as a source. Plagiarism, a most serious academic offense, occurs when you present the ideas of another author in your own work and fail to properly attribute the source of that idea. Consequently, ANY concept borrowed from our work and re-presented in your own MUST be cited as originating from The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc.  If you have questions pertaining to methods for proper citation, please email us and/or consult with your instructors before ordering...




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